16.12. – 16.12.22
17:00 – 19:00 h
Essen GER, CET
16.12. – 16.12.22
11:00 – 13:00 h
Rochester USA, EST
Vignelli Center for Design Studies • RIT, Rochester USA
Things you will need

Online presentation of the first workshop on LIGHT AND LIMINALITY – Here are some examples of the innovative work, inspired by the working philosophies of Ingo Maurer and Massimo and Lella Vignelli: Ariella Knight designed a portable luminaire which helps people with migraines by offering them relief with green light. Zaheer Shujayee developed an additional Lighting device for your smart phone as a personal safety device when walking by oneself in the dark.


Project management
Sebastian Goldschmidtböing
Josh Owen
Ambassadors Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, GER
Ambassadors Vignelli Center for Design Studies RIT, Rochester, USA
Zaheer Shujayee